On & Off The Mat – A Yoga Blog

by Christy DeBurton


It was a perfect fall weekend for our Big Rapids yoga retreat: crisp but mostly sunny, with the fall colors at their peak. Besides enjoying 3 yoga classes and a special workshop and meditation, the 15 participants on this year’s fall yoga retreat took advantage of the weather to hike and bike the trails at the adjacent Hungerford Lake Recreation Area, walk the onsite trails through the woods and along the wetland at the Inn, do some mindful-meditation walking at the Inn’s Labyrinth, and enjoy a bonfire under the stars.


Oh, and of course there was the food, which is a highlight of every year’s retreat! The plant-powered menu for the weekend included an Asian Noodle Bar, a Breakfast Burrito Bar, and our yearly favorite Stuffed Squash Saturday dinner and Tower of Power Sunday brunch. And the best part: we didn’t have to cook the meals ourselves! :)


It was a great mix of students from The Yoga Room, friends & significant others of those students, and people from the Detroit area and even as far away as Cleveland who found out about the retreat online. And it was a Yoga Room first that 5 of the 15 participants were men! :) I had been contemplating making this my last year for the retreat but there were so many people who said they wanted to come back again next year and bring other friends with them that I am re-considering. If YOU have an opinion, let me know! 


Here’s what one participant shared after the retreat: “Thanks for putting together a lovely yoga retreat. Such a special spot. I would definitely return next year if you did it again. So nice to push pause on regular life. Thanks again!”


Here are a few highlights from the weekend. You can click on the pictures for a slightly larger view.