Private Yoga Classes

New to yoga, or returning after some time off? Working with an injury? Curious about how to improve your alignment? Private yoga instruction--which gets back to the roots of how yoga was traditionally taught--is the best way to learn how to safely and effectively practice yoga for your unique needs. Schedule a private session with me at The Yoga Room and enjoy an experience tailored especially for you. Private Group sessions are also available at The Yoga Room or at your workplace.

*COVID Update: Do yoga with me anywhere! I am happy to be able to offer private sessions via Zoom, Facetime or Skype.*

Yoga Newbies

All of the classes at The Yoga Room offer individual attention, but it can be very beneficial for beginners to take a few private classes that serve as an introduction and overview to the practice. Take the opportunity to get comfortable with the studio, teaching style and class sequence before attending regular group classes.

Older Students

It's important to keep moving as we age to help prevent conditions like osteoporosis and arthritis. Yoga is a wonderful way to do that, as long as you know how to make the proper modifications to keep your body safe. Work with me to mindfully develop greater strength, flexibility and balance for both on and off your yoga mat; and learn to live better in your body as you age.

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Injuries & Health Issues

Yoga is a great way to improve or regain your physical health. I specialize in working with people with on back, shoulder, hip and knee issues, as well as improving posture. Contact me to tailor a session specific to your needs.

Workplace Yoga

Benefit your organization through increased productivity, decreased health care premiums, reduced absenteeism and higher job satisfaction. Contact me for a quote to tailor a one-time or ongoing Yoga & Wellness Program at your Ann Arbor workplace.

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Aqua Yoga

Aqua Yoga sessions take place in the summer months in our heated pool adjacent to the yoga studio. Beneficial for those with joint pain to help improve strength, flexibility and range of motion, Aqua Yoga also has a lot to offer any yogi interested in expanding their practice, including an unexpected amount of fun. The best part: floating Savasana!

Yoga Teacher Mentoring

In the past two decades I have built a successful yoga career and am known for my clear instruction, interesting class themes and loyal student following. I love sharing my wealth of knowledge with new teachers to help them become more confident and skillful at the art of teaching yoga. Work with me to improve your teaching skills and grow your business.

Private Sessions (1-2 people)

75 minutes  -  $90

60 minutes  -  $75

45 minutes  -  $55

30 minutes  -  $40


My goal in a private session was to reset my yoga practice after a significant gap of time, and larger class settings always left me feeling like just another number. Christy’s focused and individualized critiques, in addition to her very positive and supportive approach, resulted in my joining weekly classes. I haven’t stopped since.

John W.

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