Private Sessions

Drawing on my 25 years of experience as a Holistic Yoga + Wellness Educator, I develop custom programs to help people prioritize their wellness. I provide gentle encouragement, a healing presence, and a supportive environment at these in-person private sessions in my Ann Arbor, MI yoga studio with proof of COVID vaccination.

Yoga Newbies

If you are looking to begin a yoga practice, private yoga instruction is the best way to safely and effectively begin your journey. Just a few private classes will serve as a good introduction and overview to the practice. Work with me to learn the basics and how to modify your practice for your own needs so that you can feel more confident practicing yoga on your own or in a group setting.

Aging Gracefully

Aging brings with it a whole set of challenges: (peri)menopause, loss of muscle mass and balance, osteoporosis, arthritis, hypertension. Yoga is a wonderful way to age gracefully, as long as your practice is tailored to your body’s specific needs. I can help you create a yoga practice--and a lifestyle routine--to help you live better in your body, no matter your age.

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Injuries, Surgery + Health Issues

Private Yoga Sessions are an exceptional way to improve or regain your strength + flexibility. I specialize in working with people with back, shoulder, hip and knee issues, as well as those wanting to improve their posture. Work with me to safely and effectively practice yoga specific to your body.

Yoga for HSPs + Introverts

As a Highly Sensitive Person and introvert myself, I deeply understand the need for peace, quiet and self-care. My approach is calming and supportive, and includes yoga, meditation, breathwork, lifestyle techniques and mentoring to help you regulate your nervous system, feel grounded, relieve stress and cultivate deep relaxation.

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Aqua Yoga

Private Aqua Yoga sessions take place in the summer months in my heated pool adjacent to the yoga studio. Especially beneficial for those with joint pain to help improve strength, flexibility and range of motion, Aqua Yoga is also a wonderful form of prenatal exercise, as well as a fun way for friends to share a unique experience together. The best part: floating Savasana!

Personal Retreat

Life can feel overwhelming, and it is often challenging to create space--both literally and figuratively--for self-care. When you need a little 'me time' to unplug + relax, I invite you to use my Ann Arbor, MI yoga studio for a personal retreat. Practice yoga, meditate, journal, read, spend time in contemplation or even take a nap. Separate pricing applies; see details here.

60-minute Private Session (1-2 people)

Single Session:  $100

Package of 4 Sessions (to be used within 1 month):  $360

Please inquire about pricing for shorter or longer sessions or additional students.


I absolutely love our sessions with Christy. She is so knowledgeable and caring. My husband and I have been going to Christy for more than a year and intend to continue as long as we are able. Christy has guided our sessions carefully and helps us develop and nurture skills that will assist us in dealing gracefully with the changes that age brings upon us.

Connie B.

Christy's guidance through this [mini] retreat allowed me to block out the stress of life for a few hours so that I could reconnect with myself. I often forget to practice self-love, but Christy is always so great at reminding her students to cultivate this practice in daily life. I truly feel more grounded, relaxed and happy after any class I take with Christy and this retreat was no different. I'd highly recommend one of Christy's retreats to anyone at any level of practice.

Meg B.