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Doctors agree that some of the best ways to manage the symptoms of perimenopause and prepare for a smoother menopausal transition are health–supporting behaviors. For these to work, however, it’s important to start early. Once you’re dealing with full-fledged (peri)menopausal symptoms, it will take longer to restore the balance of your body. So don’t wait; if you are a woman in your late 30s, fantastic 40s, or fabulous 50s, do yourself a favor and purchase this e-Guide now! (If you're already in menopause, I am confident that my advice will still be just as helpful.) I have benefited greatly from the information I share, and now I want to help you create your own Perimenopause Plan. Because, trust me, you're going to want a plan.

Creating Your (Peri)menopause Plan

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Mood swings? Hot flashes? Irregular periods? Insomnia?

Perimenopause typically starts anywhere between your mid-30s and late-40s, depending on your body. It may surprise you that it can start so early, but if you’re really paying attention you will probably notice some symptoms. Did you know that lifestyle habits such as diet, exercise, stress and sleep can play a huge factor in these symptoms? In this e-Guide I give you an overview of the stages of perimenopause; the most common (peri)menopausal symptoms; important hormones you need to know about (it's not just estrogen and progesterone!); as well as tips from me for a hormone-balancing diet; beneficial supplements and herbs; exercise, sleep, stress-relief and self-care advice; and more. For each of these topics, I also include journal prompts with thoughtful questions to help you create your own Perimenopause Plan.


What this e-Guide Includes:

* Ten year's of research that I have compiled during my own perimenopause journey in one, easy-to-navigate, place.

* My biggest learnings on my perimenopause journey, and practical 'insider tips' about what herbs, supplements, foods and other treatments worked (or didn't) for my symptoms.

* Four Yoga practice videos for perimenopause: Functional Flow Yoga, 2nd (Sacral) Chakra Slow Flow, Sequence for Hot Flashes, and Yin Yoga for Insomnia; plus a relaxing meditation.

* Hormone-balancing, plant-based nutrition suggestions (including recipe resources!).

* My source list of over a dozen perimenopause experts for you to continue your own research.

* This e-Guide is yours to keep and go back to as often as you like.


Who Should Purchase this e-Guide:

* Every single woman in her late-30s and up who is wondering if she is  experiencing (peri)menopausal symptoms.

* Any woman already in menopause who is looking for some lifestyle modifications to help alleviate her menopausal symptoms.

* Any woman who wants to be pro-active and create a comprehensive plan that will help her transition through this stage of life with more ease.


What People are Saying About this e-Guide:

"I just finished going through your guide and I absolutely loved it. It is wonderful how you combined science and personal experience to make it feel like a self-guided journey with a knowledgeable friend. I’m excited to spend more time journaling through each section in more detail and to formulate my own plan." - MA

"Thank you for sharing your perimenopause plan. I think it’s excellent...I learned about hormones and supplements, and made some new connections. I like the yoga videos...they are excellent. I’m also grateful for your source list, which is another bonus of your plan." - CH


Get Started Now:

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(Note: This material can also be customized for private mentoring sessions, retreat, workshop or seminar format. Please inquire for details.)

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