Christy's Story

The Yoga Room's Promise

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I am strongly committed to supporting my yoga students in their journey toward greater self-awareness and well-being. Since becoming a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) in 1998, I have cultivated a teaching style that encompasses the physical, mental and spiritual aspects of yoga practice. My yoga classes are known for their clear, alignment-based instructions, wellness themes, and creative sequences. I draw upon my own personal experiences with physical therapy and my love of Pilates and anatomy to enrich my classes and help students practice safely and sustainably. I make yoga practical and encourage students to take what they learn on the mat and apply it in their daily lives: mindfulness, self-love, equanimity and "finding the balance between effort and ease." I offer a handful of free yoga videos on my YouTube Channel for potential students to get to know my teaching style. Fun fact: I'm an HSP, which makes me a pretty awesome yoga teacher.

Christy's Journey

After earning an International Business degree from Alma College in 1993 and beginning a career in the automotive industry, I realized I was not on a path that would allow me to achieve my highest potential. Determined to change that reality, I took a leap of faith, quit my job, and spent the next two years working and studying to become a Registered Yoga Teacher at the Omega Institute for Holistic Studies in New York. Upon returning to Michigan in 1998, I brought t'ai chi and yoga classes to my hometown of Howell and, a couple of years later, I became the first instructor to introduce Vinyasa yoga to the Ann Arbor community. I completed a second Yoga Teacher Training at the Center for Yoga in Michigan in 2002 and continue my education with renowned yoga instructors, healthcare professionals and other teachers from around the country still to this day. Besides professional training, I am committed to my own healing and personal growth work, which includes svadhyaya (self-study), spiritual counseling and a daily meditation practice.

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Yoga as a Way of Life

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In 2004 I opened The Yoga Room, my own private yoga studio, where I teach mindfulness-based group yoga classes and private sessions. In addition to instructing weekly yoga classes, I started a yoga book club which meets every other month. I also lead yoga retreats in Michigan and in more exotic locales, as well as wellness workshops on mindfulness, meditation, healthy plant-based eating and more. I recently wrote a guest post, Yoga for HSPs: Advice from an HSP Yoga Teacher, for The HSP Sensitive Empowerment Blog, and was also featured on the cover of Crazy Wisdom Weekly, southeastern Michigan's conscious living e-zine, along with my article, A Yoga Practice for a Pandemic. (See more recent credentials and achievements here.) Through all these offerings I am committed to supporting the health, well-being and personal transformation of my students, and to making a positive difference in the world.

A Mindfulness-Based Yoga Studio with Heart

In the summer of 2016, The Yoga Room relocated to a beautiful new studio located behind my house in a quiet neighborhood on the west side of Ann Arbor. This intimate, poolside yoga studio overlooks sprawling gardens and features a cork floor, meditation loft, high ceilings, lots of natural wood and a peaceful, spa-like setting. I intentionally keep my class sizes small--limited to seven students--which creates a warm, intimate community where each student receives the personal attention they deserve. I am honored that The Yoga Room has twice been voted Best Yoga Studio in Ann Arbor.

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I have been practicing yoga with Christy for over 13 years and I can say that I have learned more about yoga and grown more as a human in that time period than I ever would have imagined.

Jessie C.

Christy's attention to mindfulness is something I particularly appreciate and her style that incorporates teaching students about yoga principles in practice reinforces the instruction.

Kellie M. R.

I love the personal attention and Christy's teaching style, which recognizes that everyone comes to class with a different intention. Oh, and the studio is GORGEOUS.

Sadie W.

Thanks to [Christy], I've become stronger, more flexible, and more mindful, both on and off the mat. Christy is kind, supportive, and knowledgeable. She challenges me to deepen my practice, but only at my own pace.

Kelly R.

Of all the yoga teachers I’ve had, I’ve found your approach to be the most supportive and have recommended you to several friends, who now happily take your classes as well.

Stephen N.

I have been taking Christy’s classes for 12 years now and haven’t missed a session. I feel invigorated and whole when I leave Vinyasa or any class!

Jen W.

Christy’s new studio is incredibly warm and inviting. The small class sizes always make it feel more intimate and personalized. I couldn’t recommend this studio more!

Tim W.

For me, your classes help me to curb my anxiety, charge my battery, think clearly, react appropriately, be courageous without being rude or offensive, and strengthen my muscles.

Lori B.

Christy’s “Yoga Room” is unique and genuine. Classes are small and the environment supportive and welcoming. It is indeed a quiet refuge. [Christy’s] teaching style is informative and accommodating.

Dave R.

[Christy] is simply a lovely person, a qualified instructor and a centering influence on the mat. This is a special place. And I feel special when I am there.

Andrea B.

I went to The Yoga Room for five years before moving and I can say, hands down, it’s the best yoga studio I’ve ever had the privilege to Vinyasa at!

Megan A.

[Christy] makes you feel comfortable no matter your ability or skill level. The hour I am doing yoga, I feel like I am far away from everything. I leave in a better state of mind.

Elaine N.

Twice Voted Best Yoga Studio in Ann Arbor

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