Nurture your body and soul.

Offering healthy lifestyle solutions + practical wisdom to help you relieve stress and manage life with more ease.

Nurture your body + soul.

Offering healthy lifestyle solutions and practical wisdom to help you relieve stress and manage life with more ease.

Meet Christy

Life can feel overwhelming. You’re always on the go, trying to check off all the things on your never-ending to-do list. It’s stressful and exhausting. Before you know it, you feel burned-out, and your health is suffering. Hear me when I say: This is not how you are meant to live. You deserve to feel good. You deserve to thrive, not just survive. YOUR well-being affects EVERYTHING and EVERYONE around you. Hi, I’m Christy DeBurton, and I'm a Holistic Yoga + Wellness Educator whose mission for the past 25 years has been helping people like you prioritize their wellness by providing gentle encouragement, a healing presence, and a supportive environment. If you're ready to make some small changes that can have a huge impact on your health and well-being, take some time to get to know me. If it feels like a good fit, let's connect!



Fall Yoga + Self-Care Weekend Retreat

October 20-22, 2023

Inn At The Rustic Gate, Big Rapids MI

I invite you to join me at Inn at the Rustic Gate--a place of welcome and calm--where you can take a step back from the demands of your everyday life, return to nature - to peace and quiet - and get in touch with what feeds your soul. Situated on 150 acres of woodlands, wetlands, rolling meadows and a private pond just outside Big Rapids, MI, the Inn is a sanctuary, a retreat, and a gateway to your true self.

Join me for a peaceful weekend of self-care: yoga, nature, farm-to-table meals, lovely company and time to 'unplug' from the outside world. Limited spaces available!

yoga retreat with friends


Self-Paced Wellness Courses

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Do you need help hitting your daily exercise goal? Do you know you need to prioritize self-care--but you just can't seem to make it happen? Are you in perimenopause (or wondering if that's what those symptoms are)? My 3 self-paced wellness courses will help you decrease stress and increase well-being. Get 50% off for a limited time!

*15-Minute Yoga for Busy People*

*Stop Sabotaging Your Self-Care*

*The Ultimate (Peri)menopause Guide*

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I have been practicing yoga with Christy for over 13 years and I can say that I have learned more about yoga and grown more as a human in that time period than I ever would have imagined.

Jessie C.

Christy's attention to mindfulness is something I particularly appreciate...The best yoga classes I've taken, and I've taken many!

Kellie M. R.

I love the personal attention and Christy's teaching style. Oh, and the studio is GORGEOUS.

Sadie W.

Thanks to [Christy], I've become stronger, more flexible, and more mindful. Christy is kind, supportive, and knowledgeable.

Kelly R.

I wanted to thank you for supporting my re-entry into yoga. These 30-minute Zoom yoga sessions are just right.

Stephen N.

The energy of having so many HSPs together in a gathering was amazing!  It was so calming to me and that is something I didn’t expect. I haven’t felt energy like that at a gathering….ever.

Jen W.

Christy’s studio is incredibly warm, inviting, intimate and personalized. I couldn’t recommend this studio more!

Tim W.

All of the “pearls” in the 'Stop Sabotaging Your Self-Care' online course continue resonating with me every single day. Thanks for all your wisdom and direction, Christy!

Lori B.

Christy’s “Yoga Room” is unique and genuine. It is indeed a quiet refuge. [Christy’s] teaching style is informative and accommodating.

Dave R.

[Christy] is simply a lovely person, a qualified instructor and a centering influence on the mat. This is a special place. And I feel special when I am there.

Andrea B.

Your audio files have just been so centering and strengthening, just like I remember your in person classes. Thank you so much for offering them virtually!

Megan A.

Christy is a skilled instructor...She makes you feel comfortable no matter your ability or level. The hour I am doing yoga, I feel like I am far away from everything. I leave in a better state of mind.

Elaine N.

I just finished going through your Perimenopause e-guide and I absolutely loved it. It is wonderful how you combined science and personal experience to make it feel like a self-guided journey with a knowledgeable friend.

Megan A.

I so love your audio classes and doing the zoom recording. I'm really enjoying being able to take your classes again! I have taken classes at a lot of studios in a lot of cities (San Diego, Boston, Baltimore, to name a few) and yours are the best I've ever found!

Anna V.