Mini Wellness Retreats

When you might not have the time (or budget) for a full weekend retreat but just need a little 'me-time,' choose from a variety of 3-hour Mini Retreats at my Ann Arbor, MI yoga studio to relax and renew. Check the Events page for details of upcoming mini retreats or grab up to 3 friends and schedule your own bespoke mini retreat!

restorative yoga image

Self-Care Mini Retreat

Your 3 hours of relaxing bliss awaits: a luxurious Yin + Restorative Yoga practice with Aromatherapy followed by a Yoga Nidra (Nap) Meditation, Tea and time to yourself to meditate, journal, read, take a walk or just be. Max 4 students. Rates start at $108/person.

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Chakra Mini Retreat

In this introspective 3-hour Mini Retreat, I lead you on a guided journey through each chakra—or energy center—in your body so that you can examine your physical and emotional relationship to each one. Cultivate balance and healing through: Kundalini + Yin Yoga, Meditation, Contemplation and Journaling. Max 4 students. Rates start at $108/person.


Yoga + Ayurveda Seasonal Mini Retreat

This is the perfect 3-hour Mini Retreat to give yourself three times a year. Following Ayurveda--the sister science to yoga--come balance your Vata energy late fall to early winter, your Kapha energy late winter to early spring, and your Pitta energy late spring to summer. Learn your dosha, or constitution, and enjoy a Dosha-Balancing Yoga practice, Meditation, Aromatherapy, Self-Massage, Ayurvedic Tea and Recipes. Max 4 students. Rates start at $125/person.

family yoga at yoga room

Bespoke Mini Retreat

Grab up to 3 of your friends or loved ones and design your own Mini Retreat. Mix and match any of the options from the menus above, including: Hatha, Vinyasa, Yin, Partner or Aqua yoga; Meditation; Aromatherapy; Yoga Nidra; Tea; and free time to unwind. Max 4 students. Contact me for pricing.


Christy's guidance through this [mini] retreat allowed me to block out the stress of life for a few hours so that I could reconnect with myself. I often forget to practice self-love, but Christy is always so great at reminding her students to cultivate this practice in daily life. I truly feel more grounded, relaxed and happy after any class I take with Christy and this retreat was no different. I'd highly recommend one of Christy's retreats to anyone at any level of practice.

Meg B.