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by Christy DeBurton


Back by popular demand! As many of you know, I take the opportunity during the 2-week holiday break from regular classes to offer some fun, informative drop-in classes that you don’t see during the rest of the year. Pre-registration is required–sign up early as classes will likely sell out. Sorry, these classes may not be used as make-ups.



Saturday, December 29, 8:30-9:45am
Ask The Teacher!: Asana Workshop

“What’s the difference between Cobra, Sphinx and Upward Dog?” “What do you mean by ‘zip up your abdominals’?” “Am I doing ___ right?'” Here’s your opportunity to ask questions, get your alignment checked, and ‘workshop’ some of the asanas that we commonly see in our practice but don’t always have time to break down in class. If you’re wondering if you really need this class, I’m here to tell you, you do! Bring your requests!



Saturday, January 5, 8:30-9:45am *SOLD OUT! ASK TO BE PUT ON THE WAITLIST!*
Dump the Slump: Shoulders, Neck & Upper Back Clinic 

Do you have tight, tense shoulders or back pain? Do you slouch? Do you sit at a desk or in front of a screen for a good part of your day? Has your yoga teacher recommended this class to you? If your answer is yes to any of these questions, reserve your spot ASAP! We’ll stretch tight muscles in the front of the body, ‘wake up’ weak muscles in the back, work on softening tense shoulders, focus on improving posture, and alleviate common shoulder, neck & back problems.


**Click HERE to register.**

$20 each. Sorry, no refunds.

Only 7 spots available per class; reserve yours soon!

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