On & Off The Mat – A Yoga Blog

by Christy DeBurton


What should I wear, what should I bring, and when should I arrive for my first yoga class?

You may want to bring a yoga mat, water bottle, a perhaps a hand towel. If you don’t have a mat I have extras here students may borrow until they get their own. If you use props in your practice (blocks, straps, etc.) please bring them. Fitted exercise clothing is recommended. Yoga is practiced in bare feet. First-timers should get to the studio 10 minutes before class starts to meet your yoga instructor and ask any questions. Please bring your Session Intention form that you were sent with you so that your instructor can go over it with you before class begins. Please, no cell phones in the studio (even if they are off). 


Is there a place to change or shower?
Yes, there is a bathroom with a shower at the studio.


Why should I choose The Yoga Room over other yoga studios?
First, owner and instructor Christy DeBurton has over two decades of teaching experience! Also, we take a unique approach with our weekly classes by designing two-month sessions around a specific theme – Study of the Chakras, Spring Cleaning for Body & Mind, Yoga for Core Strength & Balance, the 7 Spiritual Laws of Yoga – so that students learn much more than just yoga poses each time they come to class. Class sizes are small at our private studio– a maximum of 7 students–so that each student is able to receive individual attention. Finally, the yoga studio is an experience in itself, a charming ‘cottage’ in a quiet, garden setting with a high ceiling, cork floor, and lots of windows overlooking the swimming pool and pine trees.


Why do students have to sign up for a session of classes?

You don’t have to sign up for a full session, but most people do as there is a specific theme to the session and often the classes build upon one another. If you sign up for the full session you are also guaranteed a spot; since classes have a maximum of 7 students in them this is your safest bet to be able to get into a class every week. I run my classes in sessions because to see the benefits of yoga you need to make a regular commitment to it. It is hard for us humans to be disciplined sometimes, and this is a good way to hold yourself accountable.


What if I have to miss a class during a session?

Students are welcome to make up any classes they miss in the same session for which they’re registered. You just have to cancel the class you can’t attend at least 2 hours in advance or else you forfeit your make-up. I have a handy Student Class Management/Online Booking System that helps you with this.


Why is there a fragrance policy at The Yoga Room?
We ask students to refrain from wearing fragrances or scented products (lotions, perfumes, deodorants, hairspray, fabric softeners, etc.) to class, and if you’ve bought a new mat, consider airing it out before bringing it to class, because some of us have sensitivities to synthetic fragrances and chemicals. No fragrances means EVERYONE can take nice deep yoga breaths!


How do I sign up for a session of classes?
Please contact me directly at info@christydeburton.com to check on class availability and request to be put on our email list to find out about upcoming sessions.


How do I sign up to drop in and/or just try out a class?
Please contact me directly at info@christydeburton.com to check on class availability for drop-ins if you do not already have an account for my online booking system. If you are interested I can also create an account for you.


Can I attend your yoga classes if I’ve never done yoga before? What is a good first class to try?
Absolutely! Our classes range in challenge from gentler to more advanced. We recommend those who have never taken yoga before start with a Hatha class. PM Hatha is gentler than AM.


What if I’m not that flexible?
Yoga actually promotes flexibility. You don’t have to be flexible to start doing yoga. During the workday, much of our activity, or lack thereof, shortens muscles. Think about how often you either sit at a desk, in your car or at home. Yoga lengthens and strengthens muscles while helping release stress. Becoming more flexible is a great benefit of yoga, but even more than that, yoga helps us to live more powerfully and peacefully in body, mind and spirit. This gain happens regardless of whether or not you can touch your toes!


What are heat levels like in yoga classes?
I do not have a set temperature I keep the studio at. I believe in moderation and energy conservation. Therefore, you will not find the heat cranked in the winter or the AC blowing full-blast in the summer. I keep the studio at a comfortable temperature for most people year round. I encourage students to wear layers and regulate their own body temperature.


Is there a minimum age to attend classes at The Yoga Room?
I recommend parents wait until their children are 12 years old to attend. Those 12 to 15 must practice with a parent or guardian. If parents would like to bring a younger child, please contact me to ask about using the loft space for the two of you during a class.


How many classes a week should I take?
A successful yoga practice requires discipline, consistency and commitment. To experience the true benefits of a yoga practice, I recommend taking at least one yoga class a week year round. Some of my students take two classes a week with me, and some even take three! The more you are able to take, the more benefits you will see.