On & Off The Mat – A Yoga Blog

by Christy DeBurton


I thought I’d write a little blurb and post some pictures to show what we’ve been doing in the Yoga Immersion Program so far this winter! We’ve had some great discussions revolving around the 8 Limbs of Yoga and the qualities of a good yoga teacher/yoga class. We’ve touched on the benefits of using pranayama (breathing techniques) and the bandhas (energy locks) in our yoga practice. I think the most ‘a-ha moments’ have come from our Posture Clinics, as the pictures below demonstrate: examples of hanging in your shoulder joints in Down Dog vs. finding stability and using your shoulder muscles more; using the wall and blocks to find proper spinal and knee alignment in standing poses like Warrior 2, and more. It has been great to spend time ‘geeking out’ about yoga with fellow enthusiasts this winter. I look¬†forward to more Posture Clinics, sharing how to design a well-rounded yoga class, discussion of the Yoga Sutras and more over the next couple months!