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by Christy DeBurton


A student recently asked me what some of my favorite vegan products are from local grocery stores. Instead of writing a list I took a few pictures of things I actually have in my kitchen right now so that they’d be easier for her to locate when she went shopping. I thought I’d share them here with you too!


The Just Egg is the closest egg substitute I’ve tried for making things like vegan scrambled eggs. We like to add a little Kala Namak Black Salt to it to give it a little more egg-y of a flavor (and of course all your favorite vegetables for a good scramble). 


Violife is our favorite brand when it comes to cheese substitutes, the cheddar slices in particular, though we’ve tried a few of their other kinds. They’re made out of coconut oil! Ripple is pea protein milk, and I use the unsweetened variety in everything you would normally use milk in. I think its consistency is closest to milk out of all the non-dairy milks I’ve tried and its taste is very neutral (mind you, I don’t drink it out of a glass, just cooking/baking with it). Califia Farms Better-Half is my go-to for a 1/2 & 1/2 substitute for my coffee, made with almond and coconut milk. And of course I was thrilled when Ben & Jerry’s came out with their line of non-dairy ice creams a few years ago!


Trader Joe’s has pleasantly surprised me with their vegan selections. The potstickers are a go-to easy meal in our house. I just recently tried the high protein tofu and like how firm it is (so you don’t have to press out the water yourself). And their vegan mayo is my favorite of the non-egg mayos I’ve tried out there.


Try them out and let me know what you think (or if you have any questions). I just ask one favor: Don’t buy them all out so that the next time I go grocery shopping I can’t find them. That seems to be happening more and more lately as more people are realizing the benefits of transitioning to a more plant-based diet! ;)


(You can click on the pictures for a slightly larger view.)







Valentine’s Day is right around the corner! What could be better than to give your loved one the gift of YOGA? You can choose a $20 e-gift card for a drop-in class, $90 to book a private session with me, $50, $100, or any custom amount you choose.


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I’ve gotten lots of requests over the years for audio sessions of my popular ‘Journey Through the Chakras’ 8-week session. Here they finally are! Explore the physical and emotional aspects of each chakra–or energy center–in your body and use these 1 hour ‘slow flow’ sessions to clear energy blockages and regain balance in your body and in your life. Purchase individually or buy the 8-session ‘box set’ for the price of 7! 







Yoga can help us transform many aspects of our life, including our diet. It helps us cultivate mindfulness so that we look at what we eat in a new light, and notice how different foods affect our energy & health. Yoga also nurtures a greater awareness of the ethical and environmental implications of our food choices.


Whether you’re curious about eating a healthier diet but lack the resources & support, or you have already been making healthy changes and want to go even further, this Immersion is for you. Through fun field trips, a potluck & movie night, reading and group discussion, learn how eating healthier really can be easy, delicious and so much better for you, your family & our planet!









You will come away from this Immersion with greater insights about where your food comes from and lots of valuable resources to help you eat a healthier, more vegetarian/vegan diet.



$150 early reg by 3/5; $160 after

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As part of my mission to continue finding ways to “give back” (Yoga Serves and our upcoming Karma Classes are some other examples), I just recently signed The Yoga Room up as a participating location for the Yoga for Vets program.  Yoga for Vets consists of more than 500 yoga studios and gyms around the country that have committed to giving 4 free yoga classes to veterans.  Founder Paul Zipes, a yoga teacher and veteran of the US Navy, says offering free classes gives veterans a real chance to fall in love with yoga, which can give them tools to adapt peacefully to civilian life.


Nearly 1 in 5 soldiers returns home from active service suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), depression, or both.  A recently published study shows that yoga can help service members manage stress and that it may prevent the onset of PTSD.


Veterans can find participating locations at http://yogaforvets.org/



My friend and past co-worker at the Omega Institute, John Earle, wrote this wonderful book which we read for our April 2012 Yoga Book Club.  Today, Tuesday, October 9th, there is a big bonus book launch (with  free gifts!) here: http://www.wakinguplaunch.weebly.com. The book is getting great reviews at Amazon.  I highly encourage anyone who is hungry for practical, life altering information to read it.  Waking Up is about creating a kinder, more compassionate, world, one person at a time. The change begins with you!


P.S. I don’t know where they got this picture from–the book is NOT that big!  ;)




I just met Anita Adhikary, a lovely Ann Arborite by way of Nepal.  She recenty wrote a cute yoga book for kids (she says it’s for adults too!) and I’m happy to announce that I have copies for sale here at The Yoga Room.  Check it out the next time you come for class and consider buying a copy for your kids or grandkids to introduce them to the fun of yoga!



I have given a lot of thought over the last month or so to what the theme for my July-August session of classes should be.  I came up with a couple different ideas, but I felt like I couldn’t fully flesh them out quite yet.  Then the idea of ‘Mindfulness through Meditation’ came into my mind and I had the whole 8 week session figured out in a matter of minutes.  I thought, “Well, this must be what this session is supposed to be if it came to me that easily!”  Then, about a week later, I got my Yoga Journal magazine in the mail and there was a big article about meditation and joining their ‘Meditation Revolution – 28 days of meditation to transform your life for good.’  Coincidence?  I think not!


You can join the mediation revolution yourself here:http://www.yogajournal.com/meditationrevolution/.  I just did.  If you do, let me know!



Be warned: The video includes a few images of a human cadaver.


“Spirituality is about learning to truly love yourself by giving your Self the space to grow out of your own enlightened potential, rather than trying to become who or what you “think” you are supposed to be.”

– B. Riggs